Arising from the idea of light and its capacity to enhance photographic prints, the work of Otizu® results from our conceptions of the value of picture-framing. The Otizu® project, set up after two years of research, is the fruit of the shared passions of two image specialists, who have brought together photography, design and innovation to offer a unique service. Their common goal was to produce a high quality, upmarket product, 100 % made in France. 

The idea and its realisation 

The realisation of the project has resulted in an incomparable and original product that enhances and disappears behind the work that it frames. Finding a frame adapted to a photo is both a difficult and primordial task. The Otizu®; frame takes up the idea of the white, neutral and universal picture frame of the Polaroid TM. A passing reference to the photos taken by professionals and the retro spirit of instant photography, we can all relate to its simple and chic style that will set up a dialogue with any picture.

The concept

The designer and creator, has designed a photo frame representing a giant Polaroid TM (80 x 80 x 1 cm thick). With an XXL version, and always adapted to the size of the picture, the typical white borders of the Polaroid TM format create an elegant and modern frame, with a flat and contemporary finish. Deliberately sober and uncluttered, the product stands out from other frames on the market with its stronger lines, thanks in particular to the streamlined aluminium structures enhancing the wall.

It comes in two versions. First the ALIVE version, which is backlit, and which dramatises the photo through the magical impact of light. Then the SILVER version, non-backlit, which has all the authentic value of a traditional film photograph. The photo can be chosen in our gallery or uploaded to our website. Equipped with a superior poplar wood frame and metal hanging hardware, the product is entirely manufactured in France.

It is ideal for everyone who loves photography:

  • for anyone who appreciates high quality photographs, whether taken by themselves or by professionals whose work they enjoy.
  • professional photographers who want to show off their own work.
  • gallery owners wishing to offer a new way to present and promote their artists’ works.
  • professionals (owners of restaurants, hotels and shops, etc.) looking for a medium to present their photos and create a visual theme connected to their business.