The photograph backlight uses low-consumption LED technology with its reduced environmental impact compared with other sources of lighting. In a spirit of sustainable development, it also plays a part in the effectiveness of the device and in decreasing its energy consumption, a vital ecological idea, helping to preserve the environment.

LED today offer excellent energy efficiency. And as technologies have progressed, the lighting capacity of LED has greatly increased. An LED module has a lifespan that goes well beyond that of traditional lighting sources. This means reducing consumption of material goods and putting a brake on the 'disposable syndrome'. The module’s lifespan is 100,000 hours or 12 years if it is turned on every day.


Height (cm)79
Width (cm)79
Thickness (cm)1
Weight (kg)2
StructurePoplar, Recycled PP
ScreenAcrylic glass
Consumption (kw/h)
Power supply (V)220
Length of power cord (m)3
Luminous Flux (lumen)1000
Plug typeEuropean
Time to hang up frame (min)5
Assembly timeNone
Warranty1 year