Made with Love

At Otizu®, French-made quality is expressed in products designed and manufactured by hand in a local workshop in the neighbourhood of the Buttes-Chaumont park in Paris. Like an haute-couture creation, we give particular attention to the finishing, which must be impeccable. As a brand providing an 'everyday upmarket' service, at Otizu® we insist on taking special care of the materials we select and working on them with respect.

Quality control and after-sales service are an integral part of our products, with a one-year warranty, the longest possible. The product is an example of luxury craftsmanship made from noble materials, natural wood, metal, recyclable materials, a textile cable braided in a traditional style. On the technique side, the photo is affixed to a sheet of acrylic glass and covered with a protective film. A poplar-wood frame holds it all together. The edges are painted white to harmonise with the rest. The frame respects the work on display and intensifies its visual impact in space.

Low consumption LED

The photograph is backlit using low-consumption LED technology with its reduced environmental impact compared with other sources of lighting. In a spirit of sustainable development, it also plays a part in the effectiveness of the device and in decreasing its energy consumption, a vital ecological idea, helping to preserve the environment.

LED today offer excellent energy efficiency. And as technologies have progressed, the lighting capacity of LED has greatly increased. An LED module has a lifespan that goes well beyond traditional lighting sources. This means reducing the consumption of material goods and to put a brake on the 'disposable syndrome'. The module’s lifespan is 100,000 hours or 12 years if it is turned on every day.

Environmental Impact

Together with the LED technology, we use poplar wood, a raw material produced in rapidly renewed forests and having no negativet effect on the environment, unlike other materials. The use of poplar as a raw material has a reduced impact on the environment.