Your file

Does your photo need to be edited or cropped? We can take care of it, either with our online cropping tool or by calling on Otizu’s® specialists. All our customers and the visitors to our site (amateur or professional photographers) can upload their photos on a page on our website where they can be customised and adapted to a Otizu® frame (ALIVE or SILVER versions) (see the black box for details of file formats, spaces and colours). We can also give you advice on choosing a picture, and on cropping and editing parameters. Our service is flexible and adapted to all requests and situations to bring you an optimal result.

File format
GIF, JPEG, PNG, for other formats, please contact us.

Resolution and file size
The size limit for uploaded files in your order is 16Mo.
We recommend preparing your files so that they have the exact size of the 60cm x 72cm print and choosing a resolution of 150dpi.

Colour space (ICC Profile)
RGB, CMYK, Greyscale (not Lab or Indexed Colours).