Customised pack for professionals

There’s a solution for everyone. Got a request? We’ll be happy to put together a product that meets your needs.

For professionals (companies, restaurants, hotels, interior designers, scenographers, etc.), a Premium pack is available. With this bespoke service, you can, for example, take advantage of the skills of a professional photographer who will take a series of shots at your company. After editing, the photos will be placed in a SILVER or ALIVE frame, according to your wishes, and delivered to you. The themes of reports and photographs can be specially targeted to your company, bringing out the value of its work, skills, products, creations, teams, premises, workshop, etc. Once your logo has been added to the pictures, they will become an authentic communication and information tool for your visitors and clients, a shop window for your skills.

For art gallery owners wishing to enhance their artists’ work at an exhibition or a show, made-to-measure packs are available, and you can rent frames for a particular scenography.

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